February 11, 2005

Logo and Name

J is now on board for the Surf Company after his interest in helping us create a logo and a name for the upcoming boards to be shaped. He and I have been throwing some ideas back and forth through e-mail and come up with a pretty solid design. It's not definite...yet, but any ideas are more then welcome. Feel free to e-mail or post comments on what you think would be good. Here are some pics of some merch. that J designed with the new board name idea of 'Exo Boards'.

The Hoodie is SICK.

February 03, 2005

Ah yes the cost..

You're probably all thinking this project is going to cost a lot of money, and not even be worth it in the long run. Well thanks to me having nothing to do at work I've been able to prove that theory wrong. The intial board will be almost the price of a brand new board but every board after that will be roughly half the cost of a showroom board.


The link above is to a spreadsheet I made of the total cost for the initial board. It also shows the costs that won't need to be repeated for each board (color code at the bottom of the spreadsheet). While all the material listing is designed for an 8'0" Clark Blank, the first board we make is not going to be that large. Right now my goal is to first complete a 6'9" Fish, much like the CIS CIFish board which can be found here:

Channel Island Surfboards (click on retro models and it should pop as the first board, it's blue)

I'm doing this mainly due to the easy shape of the board (most likely won't be adding the tails like in the CIFish). It's also a twin-fin board which will limit our cost and also provide for a fun board that can be used down in Long Sands or on the River Mouth in small swells. Plus this Fish is a thicker board and will allow for a more "floaty" ride with nice round turns. I'm looking forward to riding this Fish.

While we first thought it might be a good idea to make a 6'3" or 6'1" shortboard first, but after some intense reading I've realized that might not be the best bet. If anyone would like to submit artwork for the initial design I am open to suggestions at the moment (although I am currently thinking about a Bob Marley Rasta Tribute board, since it is his birthday in a few days). You can find the template for the first board here:

6'9" Fish

Just print out, or save the image, put your own design on it and e-mail it back to me at moodysurf@pentatonicrecords.com.

February 02, 2005

3D Garage Layouts

Since work has been kinda slow the past few weeks I've been keeping myself busy learning SolidWorks 2005 and PhotoWorks by modeling what the surf shop is proposed to look like. Below you can see some screen shots of what I've been working on. Feel free to post any comments on how you think it should look.

Left hand side view of the garage layout

Garage layout with the loft storage option (won't have the cool WRV graphic however)

Garage layout without the loft storage option

February 01, 2005

The New Beginning...

I figured since we're really starting to do this that I make some sort of news site where everyone can see the progress being made on the soon to be Moody Beach Surf Shop. An idea originally developed by Tyler while spending some time in Hawaii is starting to take shape. With the help of myself and some local artists we are hoping to build this dream into a reality.

The surf shop will reside in my garage, which is currently being revamped to accomidate the new idea. Planning has already been done in layout, design and supplies that will be needed. It currently will be funded by myself with contributions made later by the other initial members of the shop. Our goal is to have local artists contribute by coming up with their own designs and even putting many onto the boards themselves. Initially the boards will be used for the crafters enjoyment but we hope to later sell them at local shops and by custom order.

I will be posting my progress in getting the shop up and running so for the time being this site may be a little bland. We hope to add more surf photos and updates in the weeks to come. I'll be posting pictures of the progress made on my end and hopefully Tyler will share some of his Hawaii and Ireland surf pictures and experience with us.

That's all for now...